JMellon Jewelry Collage

Jennie Mellon Burnap

JMellon Designs and Jewelry 

Jennie Mellon Burnap’s career as a jewelry designer began in high school. She had the good fortune of attending public school in the Adirondack Mountains, where her art teacher, Al Stripp, featured 3-D small metals in her course of study, which was her introduction to silversmithing.

Two higher-education degrees and two careers later, Burnap started JMellon Designs and Jewelry. She had taken jewelry classes and university adult education courses all across the country, including a wax carving class in a church basement in Vermont in 2003; Mass Art, an adult education class in Boston in 2007; and Adult Education at Yavapai College in 2016, where she was encouraged to source recycled materials to use in her jewelry creations.